As one of the region's leading distributors of electrical supplies and lighting fixtures for commercial and residential use since 1957, Dominion Electric Supply Company of Washington, LLC, a registered District of Columbia Corporation, has long been known for comprehensive inventory and ability to deliver competitively priced supplies quickly to any destination in the Metropolitan area.

But it's not what we sell that sets us apart, it's how we sell it. From our knowledgeable counter salespeople, to our Management team and everyone in between, our attitude is always, "We'll do what it takes to get the job done."

Our level of experience and service not only satisfies customers, it saves them time and money - two things that are critical to the success of any electrical project. When you work with Dominion, you will get the advice you need, the supplies you want, and the price you must have for the high-quality electrical services you can't do without.

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