District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility

The District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility (DC SEU) is designed to help District households, businesses, and institutions save energy and money through energy efficiency and renewable energy programs.

Led by the Sustainable Energy Partnership, the DC SEU is committed to community engagement, economic development, job creation, and environmental preservation.

The DC Sustainable Energy Utility is a project of the Sustainable Energy Partnership under contract to the District Department of the Environment (DDOE).

For current information, please visit their website

Two program highlights:

Business Energy Rebates Program

The DC SEU’s Business Energy Rebates program provides DC businesses and institutions with financial rebates for installing energy-efficient equipment. The program is an easy way to reap the rewards for making energy-efficient upgrades to the equipment in your facility.

Whether you are purchasing all new equipment for a new business, making upgrades to your current facility, or replacing equipment that’s reached the end of its useful life, the DC SEU wants to help you make an energy-efficient choice to save you money on your utility bills for years to come.


The DC SEU provides standard rebates to District businesses for installing a wide range of new, energy-efficient lighting and lighting controls, suitable for all types of business needs. Lighting choices benefit far more than your energy costs. Quality lighting can influence the way people feel and perform. It has been shown to increase sales, improve student grades, and raise employee productivity.

Click here to see the list on the DC SEU website for available rebates.

Commercial Lighting Energy Efficient Replacement (CLEER) T12 Program

For a limited time—March 12 through September 15, 2012—the DC SEU is offering $20 per fixture rebates to small and medium-sized businesses, institutions, and multifamily residential buildings in DC who work with CLEER T12 Preferred Contractors to upgrade their old, inefficient T12 fluorescent tube lighting with more efficient High-Performance T8 lighting.

Make the Switch Today

As mandated by federal regulations, the manufacture of T12 fluorescent lamps will be banned as of July 14, 2012. Businesses who upgrade to HPT8 lighting by participating in the CLEER T12 Program can avoid dwindling supplies and increased prices for T12 lighting products and are eligible to receive a rebate from the DC SEU to make the switch. Download the CLEER T12 Program Customer Information Sheet for more information.