Dark Sky Friendly Lighting

Products to reduce light trepass, sky glow and glare

Good lighting makes good neighbors. Light that trespasses onto neighboring property is annoying, wastes energy and obscures the night sky. Dark Sky Friendly Lighting eliminates both light trespass and wasteful night sky pollution.

Light pollution is a generic term relating to "any adverse effect of man-made light including sky glow, glare, light trespass, & light clutter."

In the last few years, light pollution has increased dramatically. Dark Sky Friendly Lighting can help preserve the beauty of the starry sky for future generations by cutting sky glow. Moreover excess bright light generates considerable amounts of electrical energy and waste heat, which further aggravates the global warming effect. Just cutting glare produces safer, more energy efficient lighting.

Night Sky with Bad Lighting (Sky Glow)

Night Sky with Good Lighting (No Sky Glow)

What Can You Do?
Every bright light you see in the sky is unshielded. You can protect your right of viewing a beautiful night sky by supporting dark-sky-friendly lighting products, which control glare and light trespass, conserve energy and contribute to a safer and more pleasant environment.

Dark Sky Friendly Lighting Products
Dominion works with several manufacturers that provide friendly lighting products. The following manufacturers have demonstrated their commitment to providing quality lighting fixtures.

What Is International Dark-Sky Association?
The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA), incorporated in 1988, is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserve the quality night sky by building awareness of light pollution and providing solutions to quality outdoor lighting.

For more information on quality dark skies, please visit http://www.darksky.org.

International Dark-Sky Association, http://www.darksky.org and RAB Lighting, http://www.rabweb.com/

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