Code Changes: 2014 in Virginia and 2017 in Maryland

Stay up to date! Bonus - Meet your local inspector. Ryan Jackson is a nationally recognized author, instructor, and electrical inspector. His experience, technical expertise, and sense of humor result in a class that is relaxed and laid-back, yet extremely informative.

CEU credit offered for these classes.

Virginia Seminar: Tysons Corner Marriott
Maryland Seminar: Holiday Inn College Park

After the class, stay for refreshments and meet with electrical manufacturers at our Manufacturer Trade Show. See the latest in product offerings, ask questions and get demonstrations.

Registration from HERE.


Philips is on the Road!

Learn about the latest lighting technologies in an informal setting. Join us for a hands-on training to learn about, and get demonstrations on, product that runs the gamut from high-style architectural lighting to simple warehouse lamping. Bonus! It is at Mustang Sally Brewery, Chantilly, VA. Enjoy food and drinks and enter to win our raffle for great prizes. You could win a year of beer!

The training is FREE, but you must RSVP to Greg Tiedemann via email or call 571-581-3388


May is Electrical Safety Month!

The ESFI is a great resource for materials on Electrical Safety. In celebration of Electrical Safety Month 2017, ESFI is announced the launch of the fourth installment of its National Electrical Safety Month publication, Electrical Safety Illustrated. This year's theme is "Decoding the NEC to Prevent Shock and Electrocution," informs readers on the new changes made in the 2017 National Electrical Code.

Get materials and learn more HERE.

Dominion will be holding a Code Change class in June - we'll post more information soon. In the meantime, enjoy savings on many of our in-stock safety products this month. Ask our counter sales team for more information.

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DOE 2016 Transformer Efficiency Standards

From the US Department of Energy Website:

Beginning in 2016, newly amended energy efficiency standards for distribution transformers will save up to $12.9 billion in total costs to consumers — ultimately saving families and businesses money while also reducing energy consumption. The new distribution transformer standards will also save 3.63 quadrillion British thermal units of energy for equipment sold over the 30-year period of 2016 to 2045.

The new amendments to the existing efficiency standards would further decrease electrical losses by about 8 percent for liquid-immersed transformers, 13 percent for medium-voltage dry-type transformers, and 18 percent for low-voltage dry-type transformers. In addition, about 264.7 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions will be avoided, equivalent to the annual greenhouse gas emissions of about 51.75 million automobiles.

Spot Opportunities!

Introducing a blog for energy saving products, tips and opportunities

The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (HR-1424), approved and signed on October 3, 2008, extends the benefits of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 through December 31, 2013.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, lighting represents 40% of the average commercial building’s electric bill, followed by motors/HVAC (40%) and other equipment (20%). According to the Energy Cost Savings Council, energy-efficient lighting generates an average project payback period of 2.2 years and a 45% return on investment.

Philips Product Recall

PAR16 60W 120V halogen lamp


Please open the pdf for important recall information from Philips.

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The latest addition to our labor- and time- saving tools and solutions is Southwire's SIMpull WireBARREL. Say goodbye to wire carts and hello to a new way of pulling branch circuit wire. Safer, more productive installations that reduce waste and help lower overall job costs. Please contact our Material and Counter departments for more information and pricing. Pick up our flyer HERE

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New on the Lutron website: a great interactive tool to show how much energy a dimmer saves.